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Devine intervention... isn't my fault...there was definitely Devine intervention! So, there I was pouting all day friday...i was sick and it was rainy, which meant that having taken the day off to go to the Barn Sale  was good because i got to rest, but bad cause i felt too icky to go...

then...chicka comes home from volleyball practice and says that her tournament that was supposed to be in anaheim on sat was going to be in temecula....guess what's in temecula????  you got it!!! THE BARN!!!!

in between her games i snuck away and found my own little heaven on earth!!! YAY!!! i feel slightly ashamed for pouting on friday...and almost ashamed of my giddiness about being able to go...i bought lots of adorable easter/spring things as well as a fabulous vintage ice-cream scale...pictured below...i can't tell you how much i look forward to the barn sale each month...i just adore it...i am sure S.M. is glad that i won't be pouting for the entire month and it was just friday...since i got my fix!!

and, here it is in a full view of the 'ice-cream corner' (the old newspaper stand came from the barn last month):
thank you ladies for another fabulous sale, it looked beautiful!!!

here are a couple of other great finds i have grabbed at the barn...and, i will post some pictures once i am done with the easter/spring decorating...
i adored this child's horse the moment i saw it!!
i found the two largest frogs and had the ladies searching for a third for this shelf...i love them!
i had to have this bike the moment i saw IS pink after all!!!

i know the pictures aren't great (used my camera instead of stealing S.M.'s this time), but i hope you get the idea...

well, hope your weekend it great and your week even better!


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