things i know for sure...
happy heart day


one of my top sources of inspiration inspired me to create my inspiration station...thank you michelle (see her's here ).


I bought this shelf at a barn sale in temecula recently...i think it all turned out great...and, I actually did get my valentine's projects done this year! yay! i will share them tomorrow...after i give them and i won't be ruining the surprises!


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Michelle Wooderson

Hey there!! Do I get to be your first comment??? Woohoo for you for starting a blog. I LOVE your Inspiration Station!! That shelf was such a good find!! Pick me up and we'll go junkin' together! Thanks for visiting my blog, you can be my new BFF!! Mish


Love your inspiration station. I am wanting to create one in my workspace. Welcome to blogging. It can be very addicting and fun. Happy Valentine's Day! I can't wait to see your Valentine treats.

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