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spring has sprung...well, not really with the rain and all...but the bunnies, eggs, chicks, and baskets are out and looking adorable!  thought i would share my spring inspiration station...

yeah...the picture is crooked...but you get the idea! i thought i would take a few pics of the other things hanging on this wall of my craft room to share...

this is a bulletin board i got at Home Goods and covered with fabric...i pin all sorts of goodies and inspiration on it...there are embellishments as well as printed pictures of sample cards i love.

and, this hangs on the left of the 'station'...the hat, purse with the pink bow and the scarf were made by my sister (who makes fun of me for not wanting to actually use them and instead decorate with them!)...I made the purse and handbag...they were knitted with wool and felted...and, you can see some of the faux finish i did in my room...will chat about that more someday!

have a fabulous tuesday!


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Ohhh I LOVE All of this! I love anything shabby, vintage, etc!


I love your spring inspiration station... Fabulous.. Come on Spring !!!

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