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barn sale bliss

happy, happy day...after work this morning, a dear friend and i hit the road to temecula for the monthly barn sale!!!  this place and these people make me happy!  it really does fill me a blissful way!

the "i gotta have it" purchase of the day...

is it not adorable????? i fell in love, although i was teased for making it look like i was thinking about it...michele knew it had to go home with me!!! she knows me so well!!

here it is all in place on the porch...

i adore it!!!  here is a picture of a pencil tin i just had to have to add to my school desk...

that spiral notebook belonged to my is full of notes written to my grandmother from his piano teacher on what he did that day and what he will do the following also has the prices of supplies and the lessons...i just love it!

here is a picture of the whole school desk area in my kitchen...

oh, sorry, did you want a closer look at the speller on top???  well, here you go...

how stinkin' cute is that!!!??? a find from a local flea market this summer

i love herbs...i love them in the garden, i love to cook with them...i especially love them in here...

it is a double wash tub (you are looking at just the left side of it) that i grabbed at the same time as the speller above....that amazing is that? yep...barn sale!!!  that was from a trip a few months fits my tub perfectly!

had enough? oh, okay...just a few more pictures from the patio...

not the best picture, but you get the idea...

and the other outer most post of the patio...maybe next time i will share the side against the house!
one more??  here you go...

this is the built in bbq that was here when we moved in...well, part of it, anyway...we plan on tearing it out and re-building this summer...for now, i covered it with vintage things and plants since it is unusable...that scale you see there...that was from the friend i treck down to temecula is one of the scales that clearman's north woods inn  used to measure their steaks with in the day...northwoods for those that aren't from here, is a fantastic steak house that has amazing food and snow on it's roof all year!!! okay...think that is enough for today...although i did snap some pics of my favorite easter decorations...hmmm...maybe tomorrow!

hope your friday was as great as mine...great finds, great friends, great coffee!


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How funny!!! My daughter and I are making a trip to Pasadena this summer...she mentioned TODAY "I want some of that cheese bread from that place that has snow on the roof" We left Cal. 10 years for old time sake...we're going to go get some of the cheese bread!! When is the next sale in Temecula?? Laurie

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