mommy to be
growing up is hard to do...


i see you!  here i am...miss me???  a wee break for a wee time...i have begun a little (not so little really) life project...and i think i needed some time to get that going...thanks for understanding!

i am getting ready to send out a package overseas for some very special men and women...some cards for them to send back here to friends and is a set of cards inspired first by mish then by dawn...

008 copy

mish had a great post that was wonderful for this was all about mass production...thank you mish and dawn for the insiration on these cards for the troops!

and, just cause you were so sweet and patient with are some pictures of my stamp room...

014 copy

this is where all the magic happens!

015 copy

love, love, love that ribbon storage!
inspired by this amazing woman!

009 copy

embelishments & cutting tools live in this
corner quite contently!

019 copy
that's my desk...those cabinets house
all my card stock and pattern paper...
left all SU! and right is all the rest...

yep, that's chicka putting some music on
my laptop for working out...
she is my 'go to' gal for rap music
to listen to on the eliptical machine!

025 copy
this is my frequently used tools, etc on
my working island...everything that i am
'in to' working with lives here...
that tote is something we sold at sbux
last summer...along with the matching
tray and cup you see there...

hope you enjoyed the special 'clean up' was done for these pics...i find when i am some what neat & organized, i am more productive...i clean up after every project and everything goes right back in it's rightful spot...easy to remember where things are and know you can reach for it and it is there...and, no having to clean a spot to work in if you need a last minute card... to watch a movie..again, thanks for hanging with me through my lack of're the best!

no if you have questions any time!  dp from SU! and the cupcakes are stampendous


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Cute cards! I held an event for the same purpose that had a lousy turn out. I'm glad poeple are doing it anyway! :D
And I LOVE your stamp room!!! Whenever I get my room done I'm posting pics too but yours is sooo cute!


Great cards for a great cause! Also, LOVE your room and love the colors! Thanks for sharing it with us! I wish I was closer, I will close my eyes and pretend we are there with you stampin! ;)

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