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who stole the cookie from the cookie...plate???

so, most people probably have a cookie jar...but, we do things a wee bit different...we have a cookie plate...cause some cookies just don't work in a jar! and, most of the time, there are hardly any cookies left once they are baked...they either head out the door to work, school, or friends & family...the left overs...go on a vintage plate with a cake cover...that's how we do things in these here parts!

sunday i made these cookies...i had a lemon cake mix out to make a lemon bundt to take to our friend's house for a little bbq and football game viewing...well, i wasn't inspired and decided i wanted to make some cookies...these were fabulous! i added the zest and juice of two lemons in addition to the called for lemon extract to make them even more lemony...and a little less lemon fruit loops...we all agreed, we love them! and, if you are going to make 'em...bake for 10 min...that worked perfectly for me!

they didnt' last long here at all!!!

happy tuesday! hope your week has started off fabulously!!!


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How cute to have a plate and fancy cover!
And yuuumm! I love lemon treats!!!

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