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happy monday! the day started off...well, let's just say, not good...yeah, not good is a good way to put it since i don't want to use naughty language! i would think that any day that starts with dropping two drawers of money across the floor behind the registers at 4:30 a.m. landing coinage and bills everywhere, including into a drain and under cabinets would be a bad day...however, it has turned around...BIG TIME...what a lovely little day i am having now! there is no school today, so nic watched a movie, went for a walk, started her on-line driver's ed, is doing a few chores...hanging with mom...i am getting inspired by browsing some blogs, checking on some on-line Christmas gifts, baking some banana muffins and about to dive into my 'count-down-to-Christmas' album...it's a good day!

here are the muffins:


and, someone that couldn't wait for the muffins to cool:

recipe is this one...delicious according to chicka!

and, tomorrow, i will have some pics of my album progress!

TGIM!!!! (as quoted from a fabulous 5 year journal now on sale at your local starbucks!)


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Kelly S

Ohhh, they look so yummy!! Glad your day turned around for you!! Hugs, Kelly

P.S. Since I am having a slight blonde moment and can't remember if I commmented or not, but that's awesome news about chicka's ankle!!! She is one determined young lady!!

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