valentine goodies
heaven revisited

i have died...

...and gone to heaven...

i met some of my personal celebrities today, i can die happy!

i visit this amazing woman's blog everyday, it brings me much joy! she is so very sweet!

what can i say about this incredible woman? you inspire me...thank you!

and, this man...oh wow...i wanted to yell 'i love you, tim!' from the audience! didn't have the nerve to ask for a picture with settled for this! oh how amazing, creative, and fantastical this man is!!

can you just say...OMG!!! i heart these people stinkin' much! so sweet and genuine and adorable and a fabulous way! and, i gushed...yup, not proud, but i did...notice how they are kinda keeping their distance from me in the picture???...i think they were afraid...'stalker, this one' is what they were thinking! i enjoyed chatting with these fabulous people! and the new lines, even better in person! love me some girl friday and snorkle!!!

okay...that's all for the people i snapped pics are a few of my favorite product samples...

7 gypsies love

K & Co...wild raspberries love


fany pants...summer soiree love

little yellow bicycle love

basic grey love

jenni bowlin love

pink paislee love

webster's pages love

graphic 45 love

my mind's eye love

alrighty...there you have it...some of the amazing inspiration i saw today...just grabbed a few of the hundreds of pictures i took you could have a looksee...please forgive the photography, it does not do it justice! 

i will be at it again tomorrow...even though, i could indeed be quite satisfied with today, i get another full day of bliss...will report back again, if you will have me...



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hee hee, you crack me up. These products do look fun!

Kelly S

Love the peeks!! looks liek you're having a blast!! Wish I was there!!


WOW!!! you look like you had fun... I can't wait to buy some of those new papers :)

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