hold me, kiss me
papertrey gets better n better

kicking off classes

oh what fun that was! each teacher sets up a table and displays their classes for the next few months...the next set of classes being march and april...customers come in to see the classes in person and sign up to their hearts content...then the classes are displayed in the store and customers sign up till the classes are all filled up...fun, fun!  it is great chatting with the students and talking about your designs! here i am ready to chat...


since chicka is much cuter than i...here are some pictures i took of her the other day at the 'picture day' for club volleyball...


yeah, I KNOW!!!!...

i really love these two...i think they would look fabulous with some of the 'actions' that people use on their pictures...have to look into those...would love to frame a collage of the pictures from that day...i'm no photographer, but i didn't do half bad on these...

hope your day is great!!!


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Cynthia Varela

I signed up for the thank you card class :) Can't wait :) btw... your daughter is so pretty ttyl

Michelle Sissons

Hi Chelle,

Beautiful pics of Nic. My son said she is very HOT!!!

Kisses, Michelle

Kelly S

Nic is gorgeous!!


I like your class projects!!!
The pics of your girl are very pretty!

Jennifer Harris

Oh, I want to come to your classes! Nicole is so gorgeous. Miss you. I'll have to look up the dates/times of the classes and see if I can get a hall pass - LOL!

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