oh how i love me some halloween
trick or treat

tiddledy winks

sunday junkin' today was short, sweet, and fruitful...

there seems to be a theme lately...vintage toys...am i trying to stay in touch with my youth? i wonder...I was super excited to find that big box and baggie of marbles, super cheap and even had some steelies in there!

022 - Copy (2)
and, lest you think i am kidding about the vintage toy obsession...i can't seem to stop buying tiddledy winks! it was my favorite game as a little girl and i can't pass one up when i come across them!

i hope you found some time today to do something inspiring!




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What a lovely collection of tiddly winks you have! I've been pouring over every detail in the photo. Quite a score on all those marbles...but I'm totally digging the red telephone :)

Christina B*

Hi Chelle, just found my way here. Think i have one of your tags in my IE order ~Thank you! LOVE your term 'Sunday junkin', I love finding 'stuff' that can be incorporated into crafting. My favourite at the moment is vintage embossing dymo tape.

Tanya H

These are all so neat! I love the things you find!

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