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sunday junkin' in the rain

my friend and i hit the irvine flea market this the pouring rain...we decided we were 'hard core'...and then we first bumped...and giggled


there were deals to be had...the folks wanted to make something since they were packing it in by 9 am...what's a little water to junk?? 

dirt cheap...all of these fabulous, cheap, cheap!!!

there was more, but that's a secret...just until tomorrow though...

i am so very excited to be announcing a new class tomorrow on the blog...i cannot even express the joy i have to be back teaching...seriously excited!!!

thanks for stopping in...i always appreciate it!!



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Sherry goodloe

I was happy with my finds as WELL! See you Saturday :)


love love love your finds!! bingo cards and suitcases with a little bit of that thrown in.. wonderful!

Shelly  Hickox

While you guys were fist bumping, I would have been running ahead to snatch up all the deals, lol! Love all your awesome stuffs! I wonder if that tall display piece behind you in that one pic was for sale? It's an awesome piece!

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