so sweet vintage easter basket
a sweet song bird upon a branch...

sunday junkin'

i enjoyed the sunshine today...a little junkin' in pasadena...and what i mean by 'a little' is a lot of little finds...

003 - Copy (6)
several of these items will be listed for sale soon, but one of my favorite 'keepers' is this mascara...

006 - Copy (5)

it's tiny and so stinkin' cute...and inside...

007 - Copy (6)

back in the day i don't think i would have bothered...but it sure is entertaining's already found a home in my studio bathroom amongst other vintage make-up...

i love finding these little trinkets...and love even more to make something with the junk i's a tag i made this week that says it all...


the finding and the making is what brings me fulfilled as i head into's going to be an amazing month...i can feel it!



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WoW! Beautiful!

Maria aka MrsDragon

Your blog sure is inspiring! The easter basket is soooo sweet. Not to mention your project for the Pocketwatch challenge!
TFS! :)

Karen Stoppa

That Mascara Takes me back a day or two! It was not fun to use.

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