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Patchwork Fall 2012 Shenanigans

what an amazing day yesterday was! after a year, my partner (my fabulous and dear friend Michele...aka One L) and I loaded up the trucks and headed to our first event together since losing everything exactly a year ago...

sometimes getting back on the horse means you need to have some time to heal...just sayin'

we were excited and nervous to get out of the gate...Patchwork Santa Ana seemed like the perfect place to start again...several 'work days' and a few sleepless nights...and this is the result:


our sign...a vintage drawer gone chalk board...i pretty much adore it...


the booth got lots of compliments...they loved the vintage look with the bunting and quilts...


the ephemera kits were a hit...


this one was a favorite! we heard  a lot of stories about grandmas and moms collecting these stamps back in the day...

the pinecone trees and sweet bottle brush shakers were top sellers...


we didn't have the yoyos long...the baskets and the 4x4 mats sold fast (don't worry, we have more and they will be in the etsy store by the weekend!!!)...


we also have a few of each design left of the bingo cards...also in the shop this week...


it's funny...we kinda just do what we love and hope others like it as much as we do...


just a few more random pics of the booth for your viewing pleasure...


thank you for sharing in our vintage loving dreams!!!




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looooove it!!!! :) beautiful booth and products! :)

Richele Christensen

Awesome! So very happy for you and Michele! The booth looks amazing!

Belinda Basson

Wow, what a comeback after loosing big blue! Your display looks very inviting and I am not surprised that you sold so much stuff. Best wishes for future fairs!

Anita Houston

How completely awesome!!! I love all those vintage items...wish I could shop!!! Fab work!

Cori Robertson

very excited for both of you girls. Congratulations!! Let me know the next place you decide to hang your hats. I want to support you! Love you!!

Tanya H

It is beautiful!! The whole booth and everything in it is all so sweet and lovely! :)
And congrats for getting back out there! :)

Arnoldo L. Romero

I love your work and the way you styled your booth. Blessings!

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