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Crinkle Ribbon Measuring Tape

today i want to share one of my new favorite already beloved dyed crinkle ribbon turned measuring tape...

the stamped crinkle ribbon is just the touch on this simple tag...i am loving the look!

i start by dying my ribbon as i do for just about every project i make...this dreamy white becomes any color i need...

for this project, i used tumbled glass, broken china, and vintage photo distress stains...

i start with the lightest blue, dabbing some stain onto my craft sheet and spritzing with water...then smoosh your ribbon into the 'dye'...add more stain or water as need to cover all of the ribbon...

next, use the darker blue...same technique here...add stain and water to mat then pick up it all up with your ribbon...don't worry about being even, it's actually better to have the uneven coloring...

i dry my ribbon with my heat tool at this point...i want to see the color and decide if it needs more of either blue stain...

now, vintage photo stain with a spritz of you want to use more water then stain...if you get too much stain or large puddles, sop some up with a towel...

dry again, add any colors you need to get the look you want...

this is the color combination that i used on my tattered floral canvas here...

and, of course, i HAVE to share the pink!

gorgeous...and a MUST if you are me...(i did end up adding more broken china to the blue, that's the can change the color at any point, i often add some color to a left over scrap of ribbon to match my next project)

now...for the stamping...i used the fabulous new ruler stamp from Tim Holtz for this...

frist, i tape a piece of sctap paper to my mat, just keeps everything cleaner for me...

then tape down your crinkle ribbon...i use tissue tape, cause i love it...use what you have and what works for you!


i ink the background stamp by tamping the pad onto the stamp vs the stamp onto the pad...i use archival ink in jet black here...

now, for the fun part...line up the stamp with the ribbon...i peek from the side as i stamp...

no need to get crazy with the pressure...stamp firmly and evenly as me...

one side for the other...

again, line it up with one of the rulers on the stamp...don't worry about matching numbers, or even straight lines...again, trust me! i color outside the lines...and, it's okay!

dry the ink with your heat tool right after stamping...that way there is no smearing or bleeding...

there you go...gorgeous, custom ribbon for your projects...

just love the vintage look of this...and, see? looks great even if it's not perfect!!

i hope you try this...i can't seem to stop making it...perhaps i need to move on to other stamps soon...ish





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Shirley Smith

Fun, fun everything is looking springy. Hope the warm weather comes with it. Love you tag and tutorial. Shirley

Karen Geckler

Absolutely beautiful!!! I soooooo want to try this! Thank you for the inspiraton.

Pam Hooten

Ohhhh, love this Chelle!
I NEED this stamp now!

Sharon Young

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing the technique.

Sandra ltb

wow - you are amazing ...
Sandra ltb


Okay Chelle, that's like WAAAY COOL!! I've got to get that stamp set now :) Thanks so much for sharing!!



Lisa H

lovely Chelle!!

Anita Houston

For some reason unknown to me I am not getting several people's feed and you are one...ugh! Love this stamp too!!! It's wonderful on this ribbon!!! Just like measuring tape, but the best part is if you use it to take your measurements you'd always be so skinny!!! Gotta love that! Great step out!!! Gorgeous make!

Tincan Crafter

I love stamping on Fabric - this was such a brilliant project and now you have me wanting to buy the Ruler stamp.....I just bought the ruler embossing folder - I can never be satisfied.

Sonya Moreau

I came to your blog via Tim Holtz page - I am SO glad that I did :) Loved this project and I really feel stupid - cannot believe that I never thought to use scrap paper to save clean up time. Such a simple thing :):):)
LOVE the ribbon!!
I now will follow your blog !

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