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Surrounded by Junk

If you are like me, your creative space has to inspire you.  I have to be surrouned by pretty vintage inspiration.  It keeps me inspired, makes me happy, and I am more creative.

I know there are those that see my studio and cringe...and would do the same if they saw the rest of my home...there is A LOT to take in.  I love it.  There are not very many surfaces in my home where you can set something down...very few places.

I have been working away in the studio every spare minute and I took the opportunity to snap a few photos around here to update my gallery over yander on the left side of the I am sharing a few...

enjoy (if you aren't too freaked out by the 'clutter'!!!

a good peak into the room as a whole...

the sewing section...

the die cutting area...

view of the other side of the room...mostly storage of creative goodness...

one of my vintage ephemera areas...because you can NEVER have enough...

a typical display in my home...bits and pieces of the things I love...

where I create...look at all that room!!! 

a few of my favorite things...

more along my inspiration counter...

one of my all time favorite flea finds...perfection with all my added junk...

one last little vignette makes me smile...

and, finally...the sometimes organized, sometimes a hot mess walk in closet...don't judge, we all have a junk drawer of some proportion don't we??!!!

Thank you for stopping by the to get inky!!!




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Shirley Smith

Love love your room.....looks like mine but much bigger !!! So jealous !!


What a WONDERFUL room! And you know exactly where to find what you're looking for, right? My family can never understand my organization.

Dianne Jenkins

OMG - how wonderful to learn I am not the only "collector" (a/k/a hoarder) - with a room full of inspiration!!! I can see that you are very creative as a result!! Thanks for sharing!

Anita Houston

I'm so envious! I've sort of taken over our den, and I'd give a lot for my own studio like this! What a great space, with great stuff!


Popped over from Tim's blog, and enjoyed reading. Love your room and how you surrond yourself with things you love. My stamp room is pink also, I call it my pretty pink Paris room. Hubby is happy as all my Eiffel Towers have a place in there and they aren't all over the house! I never noticed before. Glad you had a great show at CHA!

Linda K

Nothing bad about having things you love surrounding you. It is YOUR creative nest. Love it.


I love, love, love your space, it is so awesome to be able to work in a big expanse, where you can spread out and do...thanks for sharing, you have really cool stuff, I kind of wish you lived up here in Campbell River so that we could have play


okay, this is really clean and organized! You should see mine, and no, I am not even going to post photos! Love all your treasures, I didn't see any junk...

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