by needle

tag team

i hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving! you didn't eat too much did you?

i opened this morning and let me tell you...those crazy (sorry if you are one of them) people that got up super duper early for the sales today were NOT happy campers getting their coffee at 4:30 am when we opened our doors!!! i get up at 3 am almost everyday for work, but for a sale???? no way!!!! a lot of women came to get coffee while leaving husbands in line for them!  and, know what happens when they thought that target opened at 5 only to discover that they weren't opening till 6????????? anger...and lots of it!!! these people wanted their coffee and wanted it NOW!!! too funny really!

my dear friend and i tag teamed the project i am showing you today...she did the quilting and i did the sewing...we did two so we both ended up with one...i am going to frame mine and i think she is going to make her's into a wall hanging...we have meant to make these for a few years now and i was just shy of getting my part done in time this year....but they should look beautiful hung up next year!

i hope you have a wonderful friday!

felt for mom

mom came home from the hospital last night...she is doing okay...long healing process now...she is going to go stir crazy being home for 8 weeks!!  i made her a present to help her be comfy during recovery...

these pillows are made from recycled wool sweaters that i first felted then cut up and made into pillows...

i really love the way these come out...i made a pillow for my sister like this in the purple that you see in the small flowers (it is a wool/rabbit hair blend) with green leaves sewn on in this same manner...i love the free form stitching and almost rustic way of sewing it all is a close up of the flowers...

i purposely use a contrasting color for the stitching and like the edges rough and ragged...i love distressed, what can i say?!

i hope they are well used...and help mom be comfortable during her recovery...

hope your thursday is great...tomorrow's friday....yiiippppiiieee!!!!

whoot whoot more thing about my daughter...a self confessed 'nerd' in "you're such a NERD mom!!!!!"

she likes to go against the grain...slightly...and, again, she is a nerd...a dork...if you will...

she, unlike most people i know, says 'whoot whoot' when she is giving herself a pat on the back, she is excited about a new lip gloss color, or i have made her favorite emphatic 'YAY!!!' or 'Horray'....oh no, she must refer to owls...hence this adorable gal being attached to her birthday gifts:

is 'Penny' adorable, or what????? Nic will literally jump up and down when she sees this! an owl AND pink and green to boot!!!!  i love to excite her...the gifts inside will pale in comparison!!!

penny is hand made by a dear friend's daughter...she sells her creations on etsy, if you want to check it out...go here .

happy can make it, you're half way there!!!