sunday junkin' and a winnah...

what a beautiful (and COLD!!!) day here in so cal...i loved the cold and the vintage deliciousness found in Tustin...Whimzy does a flea market the fourth Sunday of every month...small, sweet, and cheap!!! the vendors are all fabulous and so nice...and the prices are to freakin' die for!!!

here are the goods...

016 - Copy (2)
how cute is Johnny??? the children's book is just adorable!! and of course,  the suitcases are always a fabulous find...lately i am on a metal kick...tins, tool boxes, drawers, coin trays, toys...i tend to get stuck on something and then move on...this is the first sunday in a long time that i didnt' come home with a vintage game or view master slides!!! yay!  

i was thrilled to finally find a paper cutter...in a managable size...love it!

023 - Copy (2)
fun little metal finds...staples, scissors, bus, clippy thingys, and more wee thingys...sometimes i have no idea what something is, but i know i can do something wonderful with it!!!

and, now on to the winner of the BLOG CANDY...


This is so sweet!!! Thanks for sharing =)


Be Joyous!



sunday junkin'

it was a gorgeous sunny day here in so cal on sunday...perfect for sunday junkin'!!!

i came home with a few goodies, a sunburn, and wonderful inspiration...

007 - Copy (3)
i spent more time enjoying the atmosphere than i did shopping...but did manage another McGuffey's Reader ($3 was a steal!!!)...i collect them for three reasons...

1) they are adorable vintage readers

2) laura ingalls wilder learned from them

3) the private school i went to in south pasadena actually used them when i was in first grade

i also 'stole' the depression glass, slides, letters, and stamps...just sayin' the deals were to be had!

it's rainy here today, so in the studio creating and organizing (as usual!)

Be Frugal!


sunday junkin'

no...the blog has not turned into a 'sunday junkin only' blog...promise...i have just been crazy with work and getting back into a groove after CHA...promise...

i was able to escape work today and head to a flea market...it was a gorgeous day...and the loot is just as fabulous...

001 - Copy (2)
there were a few other things, but i am working on something with a dear friend so i left them in her care...i can't wait to share what we are up to...super exciting news!

here is a look at the smaller items...

005 - Copy (2)
delicious...would you like to see a close up of the item that brought tears to my eyes?

012 - Copy
after finding the cinderella golden book earlier in the day, this watch put me over the top! i had a cinderella watch when i was a wee girl...it stopped working and it ended up in my father's junk drawer of sorts...never to be seen again...well, with my love of disney and all things vintage, i have been searching for the watch...this is the face (with the pink numbers and hands...adore!) of my watch although my band was white...hence the tears...i love it...very, very, much...

here is the other fabulous find of the day...

014 - Copy (3)
i have a vintage view-master similar to the one i had as a child...but this one is just too cool! it is all black with metal parts vs my plastic one...in it's original box with lots of fabulous reels...a few disney of course! too cheap to pass up...seriously...

thank you for stopping in...i will share my exciting venture soon!

Be Patient!


sunday junkin'

i promise i stamped...colored...etc this week...will share soon! CHA day one was so much fun! i loved hanging with my peeps in the Our Craft Lounge booth...just love sharing my love of this industry with others!


and, our inspiration emporium family came to say hi too!

love them!!!

so...now on to the junk...i was able to squeeze in some junkin', thrift store style, on friday...

007 - Copy (2)
i love the recipe boxes filled with hand typed cards...makes me a little sad to see them in a thrift store...the same way i feel about seeing old photos in antique stores...that's someones heritage! but, i will make fabulous use of them! 

off to play with sparkly fluff!!!

Be Thrifty!


sunday junkin' makes me happy

what a lovely morning! gorgeous weather, wonderful company, and vintage deliciousness abounded...

here's the loot...

019 - Copy
here is where i clearly state...i stole most of this...as in 'it was a steal'...crazy prices!! for instance, that percolator coffee pot...$3...ummm, yeah, a steal!!! cause i love it and it loves it's new home!

021 - Copy (2)
a better look at my new sewing table...gym lockers will be perfect on the shelves...

i think my favorite find of the day is my new file drawers...

026 - Copy (2)
syd has inspected them and gave the go ahead...

028 - Copy
thank you for your help, pumpkin pie...mama loves you...

love all the file cards inside...

009 - Copy (3)
and, as if the flea market was not enough...the amazing gals that put it on have a gorgeous store...my new favorite...whimzy...

002 - Copy
hello magical, glittery, deliciousness...

001 - Copy
these are also the gals that put on glitterfest...can't wait!

003 - Copy
i may or may not have picked up a few trinkets here that you will be seeing in creations soon...

Be Imaginative!


Sunday Junkin'

i am having such an amazing and creative weekend!!! yesterday i went to a wonderful class with an amazing friend...read about it here and see my new creation (I love it!!) and a little something i made for her too!  (say hi to Sherry for me!!!)...

today of course was a little junkin' and wonderful morning with my sister (kisses, gorgeous!)...here are my vintage goodies...

i just love the little photo book...totally fun things planned for those sweet photos!

i have more deliciousness that i will be sharing soon...but that's for another day...

Be Creative!!!


sunday junkin'

i like to call it feeding the soul...whether it is a trip to disneyland to fill my soul with magic, walking the isles of a flea market filling my soul with vintage goodness, or inking up the edges of beautiful paper filling up my creative soul...it needs to be fed...my soul has been starving and today it got a real good feedin'...

007 - Copy
i met up with a few friends at a local flea market...and, here's the loot...not too bad for a few hours work!

i am one of 'those people' that has to play with my toys right away...so all of these treasures are already in their new home...

this set of drawers was perfect to house my tim holtz idea-ology deliciousness! i ADORE that pocket watch i picked up for a certain little configurations i am designing in my head...

i am also one of 'those people' that has to store my goodies in an inspiring way...another drawer that i bought a while back was put to good use...

any guesses what's in here?

017 - Copy (2)
 that would be all my our craft lounge stamp sets! love it!

i hope you found some time to do something to feed your soul today!