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weekend with beate

felt for mom

mom came home from the hospital last night...she is doing okay...long healing process now...she is going to go stir crazy being home for 8 weeks!!  i made her a present to help her be comfy during recovery...

these pillows are made from recycled wool sweaters that i first felted then cut up and made into pillows...

i really love the way these come out...i made a pillow for my sister like this in the purple that you see in the small flowers (it is a wool/rabbit hair blend) with green leaves sewn on in this same manner...i love the free form stitching and almost rustic way of sewing it all together...here is a close up of the flowers...

i purposely use a contrasting color for the stitching and like the edges rough and ragged...i love distressed, what can i say?!

i hope they are well used...and help mom be comfortable during her recovery...

hope your thursday is great...tomorrow's friday....yiiippppiiieee!!!!


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