today is THE day
felt for mom

whoot whoot more thing about my daughter...a self confessed 'nerd' in "you're such a NERD mom!!!!!"

she likes to go against the grain...slightly...and, again, she is a nerd...a dork...if you will...

she, unlike most people i know, says 'whoot whoot' when she is giving herself a pat on the back, she is excited about a new lip gloss color, or i have made her favorite emphatic 'YAY!!!' or 'Horray'....oh no, she must refer to owls...hence this adorable gal being attached to her birthday gifts:

is 'Penny' adorable, or what????? Nic will literally jump up and down when she sees this! an owl AND pink and green to boot!!!!  i love to excite her...the gifts inside will pale in comparison!!!

penny is hand made by a dear friend's daughter...she sells her creations on etsy, if you want to check it out...go here .

happy can make it, you're half way there!!!


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I love this! How very cute, and the perfect touch. This is a memory making gift presentation!:)
xo Lidy

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