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tag time

i've been tagged! whoo first!  thank to kelly of addicted to stamp & sure to check out her blog...her Stampin' Up! creations are adorable!

now, sit back with an iced vanilla coffee and get ready to learn a few fun (or, more likely, scary) things about for are going to finally know what a NERD i am!!!

Tagged here we go....

1-i am a coffee apron and all...for those that don't know what this is, have you noticed at your local starbucks that some of the baristas are wearing green aprons and some are wearing black aprons??? well, i used to wear a green one (and, still wished i did cause it is classic starbucks) but now wear a black one...and, can NEVER ever where the green one again!!! that is because a year ago i underwent 'special' training to be more knowledgeable about coffee...thus the sign of a 'specially trained' barista is the black, it does not mean you are a manager, or supervisor, or just means you know lots about the growing, roasting, and brewing of coffee!!!

2-i heart george first love...i saw him in concert friday night and fell in love all over again...just like when i was 13!!!!


 no, this was not taken when i was 13 (although i was wearing LA Gear tennis shoes) nor at the was an 80's bday party for my sis a few years ago...but, you get the picture...i love me some george!

3-i dream of retiring to maine with the hubster as soon as humanly possible...i love it fact we are heading there in august...i fell in love in 1986 and have wanted to move there ever since!

4-i originally wanted 4 children...then i had my chicka...all bets were off!! she is plenty for this mama!!!

5-before i had my daughter, i permed my slightly wavy hair...but, hormones or whatever happens during pregnancy to cause it, curled my is curly and seems to get even curlier over the years...and, wouldn't it figure that now that i have curly hair, i want it straight!

6-i have a tattoo...well, a partial tattoo...i drew a rose with a heart in class one day and loved it...i promptly left the college campus in search of a tattoo shop...and viola...a tattoo on my....ummm...chest...well, a few years ago i decided that i could do without it and started the process of having it removed...that is the most painful thing i have EVER is about half gone and i have had four treatments...four to five more and i will be ink free!

7-i love may have known that...but here is the reason why:  i was not so much a happy teenager...right, like there is such a thing anyway...i was let's just say, really, really unhappy...i was overweight, a bookworm, and teased A LOT...i was friends with my teaches WAY more than my peers...bottom line, i didn't much like myself...well, like a caterpillar i went through some changes in my twenties...i can't really say how, what, when, or where...just suffice it to say, that i have emerged a butterfly...beautiful and happy...and, that beauty isn't on the's that love of myself and others...that belief that i am worthy and worth it...and lovable..."She remembers when she first got her wings, And how she opened up that day she learned to sing, Then the colors came, erased the black and white, And her whole world changed"...from Martina McBride's 'She's a Butterfly'...

there you have it...hope you enjoyed a little look into my crazy world!!!

now, for the 7 people i have to tag...

1-tanya of tanya's stamps 'n' things
2-kelly of crafting creatively
3-kylie of blossom designs
4-laurie of charming designs
5-kim of kim's stampin room
6-michele of thoughts of cardmaking scrapbooker
7-kirsten of  confessions of a naptime stamper

i chose these seven bloggers because they have been a HUGE support to me (along with kelly from above)...i am still new to this sharing of my passion, and this group has left sweet comment after sweet comment from the beginning...they have inspired me to keep it up and not be discouraged...thank you for that girls!!!  have fun if you decide to play along ladies!!


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Thanks for thinking of me!! I will try and play along this week!


You crack me up! Thanks! I will play soon too!


Thanks so much, Chelle! You're too cute! :)


I got my tag done!

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