trick or treat
wanna see somethin' scary???

this was a hard one...

...not the card itself, but the reason for it...i have been trying to work up enough courage to post this, knowing that tears would be streaming down my face...

my grandmother died on May 31, 1997...the day after my 26th birthday...this card is being sent to the home that cared for my grandmother for the remaining years of her life...where i was a stranger to heart broken and she unable to accept my love or care giving...


there is a wonderful person out there doing an amazing thing...cammie has not only donated 100% of the proceeds from the sale of her Whimsical Autumn set to the Alzheimer's Association , but she also has an amazing blog candy on her blog to encourage each and every one of us to send a thank you to those caring for Alzheimer’s patients...thank you cammie for this amazing effort on your have touched so many lives, mine included...

i know my grandmother is still with me, i know that i am who i am for having been loved by her...but, i still miss very much...


thank you to those that care for the loved ones in our lives that are suffering from this disease...and to those that have family members suffering or that have gone home to Jesus...have faith and hope...believe in the future where we have worked together to find meaningful treatment and a cure for this devastating disease....

In Loving Memory of Ruby Neilson,


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Chelle, I am tearing up with you! Big cyber hugs!
Your card looks wonderful! I am sure the people in the home will LOVE to receive it.
Thanks for playing with the sketch! Hugs and smiles

Brandi Wiggins

Wonderful card. I feel your pain. My uncle was just diagnosed and it's a horrible time for his family. TFS.


What a precious picture of your grandmother. The card is lovely too, and I know will be appreciated.


What a gorgeous card! ...and such a precious pic of your grandma!

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