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happy halloween from Mrs. Roper

did anyone guess correctly after yesterday's hint???

here i am all decked out in my caftan as Mrs. Roper from the popular 70's/80's television show 'Three's Company':

008 011
can you EVEN believe that i found a caftan of this caliber?? i was so excited when i found it!! i decked out my apron for work this morning...for all those too young to remember the show, i made a couple 'buttons'...and, a name tag! and, here is some of my great jewelry i wore...cause that mrs roper sure loved her some jewelry!

and, my favorite piece...the earrings:

fabulous! even if they DID hurt my ears!

well, the morning crew at my store sure did a fabulous job! we did a 'TV character' theme...we had the skipper & gilligan, gidget, punky brewster...and, me...mrs roper...loved it!!! (will post pictures of us all when i get them) well...done for another year...must think up a little something for next year!

**edited to from work:

Halloween 005

gilligan is in BIG trouble...he left before we could take the picture!

Halloween 001

happy haunting and treating!!!

creeping along

just one day at a time around here! i can not even begin to list the 'things' that have gone on around this family lately! there has been so many bumps in the road that i have had to take a minute and sit on the side of that road to re-group...crazy, hard stuff!

i did manage to finish up the halloween cards and get them in the mail...whooo hoo!! here is a picture of the last of them...


the one in the front with the bats is for the hubster...he walked in when i was finishing it...said, 'that's a cool card'...and, he wonders why i was miffed...uh, duh, cause i wasn't expecting you and you saw your own card!!!! well, at least i know he likes it!

i have a few things to finish up on the halloween costume for work tomorrow...i will take pictures to show you, i promise!!!

here is a this television character 'i heart stanley'!!!!!!!

**edited to add an update on nic...she has started physical therapy, she is off the crutches but still has the boot on the left foot...she doesn't have great range of motion and the swelling is still not down, but they are going to work on that...she sees the orthopedic next friday...we will know more then...thank you for your thoughts and prayers!

see you tomorrow!

good news/bad news

i wanted to update you on nic and let you know that i just haven't been in the mood to create...i am hoping to spend some time in my room tomorrow and finish up all my halloween projects...

as for the update on the girl...

her ankle continued to swell all week...and the pain seemed to get worse for the point she just wanted to 'go away' cause it would be better than dealing with so much pain...she didn't understand why someone couldn't tell her what was wrong, why she keeps spraining her ankles, what needs to be done, and how long it will take...that was thursday night...

friday, i got her an appt with an orthopedic surgeon that specialized in sport's injuries...he was amazing! nic wanted to hug him! he walked in, asked her a couple of questions and said 'long term, you need surgery and the recovery is 3 months out of commission, and 6 to 9 months rehab to get back on the court'...short term,  'i want to cast you or put you in a boot, as long as the x-rays show no fracture, for two to three weeks at which point i can tell if you have to have the surgery now or wait till you are ready for it, based on when you think is best to be off the court'...essentially, nic has bad ligaments and that is the reason for the recurring fact those 'bad ligaments' are throughout her body...she can do some crazy things with her appendages! 

so, bottom line...there is a brace on the right ankle she sprained a month ago, because it is bearing all the weight while she is on crutches and it is not healed yet...her left fracture...yay! in a boot and we wait for the swelling to go down, then we do more x-rays to see if the ligament is back to normal (well, her normal)...this will tell us if she can go on or have surgery right away...otherwise, she decides when she wants the surgery to fix the ligaments in both ankles and have the 9-12 month recovery...missing either high school or club volleyball...which at her age, the sooner the, she has already said she wants it right heal by next school season...

we are thrilled to have the answers we needed and to find a fabulous doctor that spelled it all out for her and gave her the exact time line she was begging for the night before...

we are also scared for the surgery...but dealing with it...and, the pain...which hasn't' gotten better yet, but we have hope that it will...

thank you for listening, i should have something pretty to show you tomorrow...for now, here is the latest picture of the newly sprained ankle:


keep up those prayers, they are working!

long road

sometimes most of the time we don't get to know God's plan...we are not privy to his will for us...we keep going, making choices and believing...we are faithful...

...sometimes, it is just so hard! and, even in the face of that hard stuff, we know that it could be SO much worse...i am trying to stay in the place of 'it could be worse' and to remind my baby girl of could be worse...a lot worse...we know just doesn't always make us feel better...

she is hurting and this mama wants to take it all an away game last night, she came down from a hit onto a team mates foot...doing in her other ankle...which has been weak compensating from the other one that is still recovering...she is in a lot of pain and over all so ready to give up on her dreams cause she worked so hard to get back to the court...then this...which probably puts her out for the season with club tryouts in two weeks and that probably won't happen either...neat...she is one unhappy girl...

my poor girl

her poor ankle


and, here is my poor shirt...remind me never to wear white to a volleyball game again...

this would be where my girl snuggled in and cried her heart out...both from pain and from her broken heart...

...if you are the praying sort...please sent a little prayer her way...just a little one, we know there are lots of kids out there suffering from far worse that need the big prayers and she will heal, we know this...just hope for a speedy recovery and for her to remain positive about her hard work paying off some day...

thanks for listening to this sappy mom hurting for her girl...

take time

sometimes we just have to take time...whether it is an old friend, family member, projects, or your favorite just have to make it it into that life that is so full...cause there is always room...somewhere, to get together with someone you miss and love and haven't taken the time for...i did that today, and am so glad i did...try it, maybe you will be surprised at how joyous it can be to take time...

a little thank you card i threw together with love for that special someone that i took time to play with today...what fun we had...laughing and catching up...pure joy...

have a happy week and take some time for that someone or thing you think you don't have time for!


SU! riding hood red cs, fancy pants the daily grind dp, buttons from stock, white crochet thread, ribbon from michael's dollar section (one of the things i picked up on my 'play date' today!), sewing machine

cookie plate pies

i had some apples that were not getting eaten, so i searched for a new yummy apple recipe...the old stand-by apple cake and apple crisp was not gonna cut it, i was looking for something new...and, i found it!  i combined a few different recipes and came up with these little puppies...

individual apple pies...deeeelicious!!!  they were so yummy! we ate some hot, then later (and for breakfast) cold...liked them both ways!  here's the recipe just in case you wanna give 'em a go!


4 apples, peeled and diced
2 TBSP butter
1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
1 can flaky biscuits

Heat oven to 350.

Melt butter in medium pan; add apples, sugar and cinnamon.  Cook until apples are tender (about 15 minutes). Mash the apple sauce as much or as little as you like (i left mine chunky).

Roll out each biscuit to about 6 inches and fill with 2 TBSP apple sauce.  Moisten the edge and fold over circle; seal edge with a fork.

Bake 15 minutes or until light golden brown (i baked mine on parchment paper).


have a great day!

falala love

got home from an all day volleyball tournament and jumped right in to jen's sketch for you to try...

i knew right away i wanted to use some of my making memories falala supplies...paper, snowflakes, glitter embellishments, etc...scares me a little that i made something Christmas...but, then, i think i am actually behind already on this front!

here's the sketch:


and, here's the card i made:


i used falala dp and snowflakes..i didn't use the rhinestone brads that came with the snowflakes, i used large aged cooper ones from my stash...i used punches for the circles of dp under the snowflakes and a nestibilities die for the sentiment circle...the sentiment is from many merry messages stamp set from SU!, the small snowflakes on the same circle are from snow flurries stamp set...i inked up all the edges of the kraft card stock with white versamagic dew drop ink, and the green snowflakes are tea leaves dew drop ink...the ribbon is from my stash (although i am pretty sure it is SU!)...i used a close to cocoa journaling pen to add the faux piercing dots around the green layer of dp...also, i rolled the edges a bit on the two corners of the base dp...

hope your saturday was wonderful!

out with the scarey...

...and in with the sweet...

today's limited supplies challenge on SCS was rock, paper, scissors...

rock: the only embellishments we could use were rock related...rhinestones, pearls, etc...

paper: any paper you wish

scissors: literally them...and paper cutter...that's it

here is what i did...sweet and simple...

just cardstock, stamps, ink, rhinestones, and a couple of copics!

i have never been happier for the weekend...what a week i had! by chance i ended up with a three day weekend...i plan on taking FULL advantage of it!!!

happy friday!

SU! pink pirrquette, silver, and shimmery white cs; fairy-tale wedding & warm words stamp sets
pallette black noir ink, copics, hero arts rhinestones

H is for Halloween

the ways to use it challenge on SCS was to use a monogram...i took creative license and used the letter for this halloween card:

i'm pretty sure i am gonna have a REALLY hard time parting with this one! i am in love...ever make something that just seems so you that you just can't stop admiring it? it happens lots when i look at other people's creations...but not always mine...

i have a special treat for you today! see those pumpkins in the background? would you like to see how to make 'em????

i am a country girl at heart...and, i decorate with a country flair...if it is rusty, sanded, tattered, banged up...antique, vintage, or new...i heart it! so, when i was looking for some cheap pumpkins to decorate with last year that kept with my country style, i got REALLY frustrated! anything that was more country looking was twice, if not triple the price of the bright, fake looking pumpkins (and gourds) is what i did...

first i took the cheap fake looking pumpkins...

these are the hallow styrofoamy ones that you find at most craft stores...paint-able, cut-able, etc...

then i gathered these supplies:

the pumpkins of course, a cheapy paint brush, an antiquing medium of some sort (this one is antiquing polish in brown by folk art...but any antique made for crafting, tole painting, etc will work), and lots of paper towels...

then, just go to town painting that bad boy don't have to be neat in any way...cover the whole thing bottom to's okay to set it down on the paper towel or grab the top with a paper towel while doing is what you end up with...

all covered and looking grungy...grab two paper for each hand and pick up the pumpkin....just patting off the antiquing with both towels...take off as much or as little as you like...

029 030
how much you leave will make the pumpkin a muted version of it's former self with most antiquing taken off, lots left on is more primitive...this is kinda middle of the road...

purposely leave antiquing in the cracks and the stem area...if you take too much off...just brush some more will take a while for it to dry up, but you will be decorating with them within an hour or's before and after...
so much better! here is what a white one looks like...before...

and, all of the pumpkins after:

i just did a few small ones this year to show you how to do it...last year i bought all different sizes and shapes...gourds is what i used them for in the living room...

015 - Copy 

017 - Copy

...these are the tops of the two book shelves in the living room...kinda framing in the TV mounted on the wall...


hope you enjoyed the little tutorial and you run to your local craft store to grab up some pumpkins...they are bound to be on sale or clearance cause everyone has CHRISTMAS now! that scares me...a lot!

can't wait for the over this work week!!!

ingredients (for the card way at the top of the extra long post!):
SU! very vanilla cs, spooked dp from my mind's eye (also die cuts), ribbon & buttons from stash, heidi swap ghost letter H*, tim holtz journaling ticket, ivory crochet thread, aged copper brad, punches, & nestibilities
catslife press halloween stamp, pallette black noir ink, several distress inks, jumbo java & wheat versamagic dew drops, sponges, dimensionals
*i not only inked up every thing (ribbon, thread, paper, cs, etc) with distress ink, but i also inked up the ghost letter...which is clear to start...i first inked up the front of the h with the dew drop ink, paying attention the edges mostly...then flipped it over and inked up the back with the pallette black ink...before it dried, i used the end of a paint brush to swirl in some detail...then used my heat gun to dry it all up...

thanksgiving whimsy

i'm not done with halloween projects....however, the SCS sketch challenge screamed (hehe) for a thanksgiving card...and, i was looking for an excuse to finally use some of my mr campy paper!

i really liked the layout of the card...will have to add it to the sketch book!!!

i tried really, really hard to get the morning crew to agree to a theme on halloween...i will work on them tomorrow...i could get REALLY excited about this!!!

hope thursday is as fabulous as you are!!!