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cosmo n copic

i shared a card on the SGT blog today that i made using 'snorkel' by cosmo cricket...i talked about using the copics in another way, they aren't just for coloring stamped images after all!

i used W-1 to shade the image of the boy and R29 to add those wee dots around the edge of the sentiment circle...thus drawing attention to that circle...cute little detail...

bye for now!

a mother's love

i taught last night...and this is what i taught...

a shabby frame about my mom...that is her holding my big brother...she was either pregnant with me or i was almost made...she is probably a junior in high school in the small picture...i love them both...

we did lots of inking, both with antique linen distress ink and copic markers (we used them to make new things look the metal flower, rhinestone buckle, and resin circle), we also sanded and stamped the frame...we had fun...but then, we usually do at SGT!

enjoy your day!

birthday mouse

have i mentioned how much i adore this stamp lately??

well, i do! i'm not sure if it is the cupcake, the mouse (and his adorable belly or his total naughtiness), or the fun i have coloring it with my beloved copic markers...well, what ever it is, i love him...a lot.

and, i love my friend julie ...this is her birthday card that i gave her yesterday for her big day...simple, sweet, and adorable...just like her...

hope your week is going well!


making memories 'chloe's closet' pp inked with vintage photo distress ink, bazzill cs, ms seam binding, button from my treasure chest diving, ivory crochet thread, SU! sentiment stamped with burnt umber palette ink and (of course) copics!

fabulous weekend

how was your weekend??? mine was fabulous! i did something i have never done before...i went on a scrapbook weekend! and, can i just say...OMG!!!!

first, i have to say i was so scared! i was just sure i wouldn't pack THE one thing i would totally want once i got there...and i was afraid i was going to be the one sitting there just staring...i pictured being surrounded by amazingly talented women and feeling inferior...i was seriously thinking i would sit there so intimidated that i would read the weekend away while they created!

part of that is true...i WAS surrounded by talented woman, and i was feeling slightly inferior...they had game plans, they had mobile scrapbooking supplies (they have been doing this a LONG time!), they have known each other for years (3 of them were sisters!), they were serious scrapbookers...

and, i fit right in...i had a blast...and even created a thing or two!!! i will definitely have to do this more often!!!

i will share my creations over time, so for today, here is a layout i did of my makes me giggle every time i look those pictures!!!

Misscrack it...the debate regarding one or two page layouts continues...i did some of each...and, love them all...

i have heartbreaking news to share...Crystal has gone home to our Father...please visit here to read more about her story...donations and prayers are appreciated for the family and friends of Crystal during this difficult time...i feel very blessed to have learned a little about this amazing woman, and to have touched her too short life in some small way (you may recall this post regarding layouts i did for her)...thank you and God Bless...

enjoy your monday!

canine lymphoma

our family is are our hearts...we will heal and we know we were so very blessed to have had our allie girl for 12 years...

we let her go yesterday evening, it was quiet and she was it is our turn to hurt...

thank you all for your prayers and thoughts...


class went really, really well last night...i am so blessed to be able to touch people's lives in even my small ways...what a wonderful group of gals i got to play with! 19 out of 20 were in about fun! my favorite part is when i walk around the tables and just poke in here and there to see how they are coming along...and, i hear snippets of conversations...most of which make no sense at all to me...and, some of which leave a little too much to the really is funny!

so, if any of you ladies are reading was a complete pleasure and thank you!

on to a different note...a reminder of how very blessed i am (even though there are times i don't feel blessed at all)...

the amazing, inspiring, touching stephanie (of the nieniedialogues)


confession time

yes, i have to come clean...confession is good for the soul...right?

i have an addiction, pure and simple...must have, gotta have, want them all...

big or small, old or new, pink, blue, yellow, green, white,, purple...mmmm...all!!!

must have them all...

no, not puppies, like cruella (although i do love puppers)...

i am talking about BUTTONS!!! oh, for the love of buttons...can not have too many buttons!!!

i have jars of with buttons...vintage buttons on cards, in jars, on projects and seems that most things i make these days have buttons on is a problem...(or is it?)...

the evidence (well, some of it...can't share them all, cause then you would think i really had a problem...

and, then there is this...

yes...feel free to click on the pictures to see up close...those are wee jars filled with buttons in every color of the cute...

now...if, up till this point you are wondering about the validity of this addiction...i give you the following as evidence...

no, this is not a box of buttons i own...this is a partial view of a 'treasure chest 'o buttons' at a local craft store...above it, there is a sign stating a price for all you can fit into the baggie provided (which, by the way is a very, very small bag!), you may wonder how this proves the insanity of the button issue...

well...a few details of what occurred when i spotted the above pictured chest...

a) i got slightly giddy
b) i shoved both hands into the chest and pulled out handfuls of buttons
c) i drooled a little
d) i began to choose a few select buttons for a bag that i decided i would go ahead and fill
e) i showed my shopping partner the chest as she wandered over (whom shall remain nameless to protect her from ridicule)
f) above mentioned partner and i spent the next hour and a half going through the chest searching out THE best buttons in the chest
g) yes i said ONE AND A HALF HOURS of our lives that we shall never get back
h) every time we decided that we needed to stop, we would find another fabulous button to add to our collection
i) there were several (SEVERAL) snickers and whispers from around the department as people, employees, saw the crazy button ladies going through the chest...for a very, very long time
j) when we thought we had every single button that was to come home with us, we had to stuff the wee baggies with them...and, to our GREAT dismay, we had some extra room in the last baggie...
k) we began going through the buttons again to simply fill the remaining baggie
l) i filled two more baggies after that

i will not divulge how much the buttons cost us all in all...however, i will say two things in my defense...

1) i got several groups of the same button for the purposes of card classes
2) i have grown quite a bit since my 'hoarding days' and actually will use the buttons...see evidence below...

see that adorable little white flower button on my easter cards? yep...treasure chest!!! we got them all...every last one of those little suckers!

i do not plan on returning to that craft store until i have sought counseling...or a support group...i can't spare the time or the money to be sucked back into the button vortex they so clearly have around the button treasure chest...

i will try not to be such a chatty cathy tomorrow...!

volleyball weekend

this weekend is all about volleyball!!  junior olympic, three days of volleyball...whoohooo...nic is back playing after being out for injuries again...ankle and knee...she did great today, they played well...and they had fun!

tonight is class kickoff at SGT...yay for two more months of classes! here is a little peek at my copic marker class...i am very excited about teaching others about these wonderful markers...maybe even helping them fall in love with them like i have!

stamped images are SU!, paper is basic grey 'two scoops'...can't wait to play...check out all the great classes here...

hope your weekend is FABULOUS!!!