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October 2011

tiddledy winks

sunday junkin' today was short, sweet, and fruitful...

there seems to be a theme lately...vintage i trying to stay in touch with my youth? i wonder...I was super excited to find that big box and baggie of marbles, super cheap and even had some steelies in there!

022 - Copy (2)
and, lest you think i am kidding about the vintage toy obsession...i can't seem to stop buying tiddledy winks! it was my favorite game as a little girl and i can't pass one up when i come across them!

i hope you found some time today to do something inspiring!



oh how i love me some halloween

i know...bad, bad blogger...i know this to be true...

here is a fun little thing i made for the Inspiration Emporium October Monthly Challenge...we were to use the colors orange, purple, and black on our project...


so i made me a little witches' hat...and i kinda think i'm in love with it!

ever finish a prject and just stare at it in awe? yep, this is one of those! mind you, i have also had the experience of finishing a project and staring at it in basic disgust wondering how i could have posssibly come up with such horrid this particular elation is a pleasant surprise when it occurs...


little details like the thumb print on the vial and snow cap mixative on the owl add to the over all vintage look...

i covered the entire hat with vintage sheet music using glue and seal then inked it up with black distress ink...the perfect base, don't you think?

the challenge over on the IE blog ends on monday, so head on over and get could win $50 in Emporium Dollars!!!

thanks for stopping in and seeing what i've been up to...i appreciate you!!!