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December 2014

Vintage Trees

Dreams become reality when intentions become action.

i don't know where that quote originated, but today it resonates with me.  i always have good intentions...i have dreams like everyone else.  So what happens between the 'i want to make that' or 'what a great idea, i want to try that'...even the 'i can't wait to try that'? something is missing between intention and execution.

i don't typically do new year's resolutions...i figure i am just setting myself up for failure. because, of course, i have the best intentions but no follow through. so, instead, this time it is all about the "action speaks louder than words."

i LOVED this sweet project by Paula Cheney when she posted the much so, i commented on it that i wanted to try i have in the past...

well...this time I DID IT!  i didn't intend to do it...I REALLY DID IT!! here is my version...


one of the things that i didn't let stop me was the 'but, i don't have every thing she used' or the 'i don't have time''s about using what you have and CREATING THE TIME! cause, face it, none of us have the time to do all the things we love.  we have to create it.  and, i am so happy i did...i love this little tree.  it will sit on my desk all year to remind me to create the time to do the things i love and take action, not just intend to do it.


Paula's technique for these vintage look ornaments is perfect...they look amaizng!


and, can we talk about these super cute snowballs!!!??? love them!

so, i hope you create some time during this crazy time of year to do something you have intended to do...make it a reality and share what you love!