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so i might have lost my mind a a really good way! i was in love at first sight with Tim's new jewelry line with Joann Fabric & Craft Stores. and, by lose my mind i may or may not mean that i drove to 3 different stores in search of the line...which is funny in that a) it was readily available to order on the Joann's website and on sale b) it was clearly stated that it would be in stores LATER in the week c) the likely hood of it being out was slim, but that wasn't going to stop me...hence this excitement...


i have to thank Diane and Marlene at my local Joanns for going above and beyond for us...we were just a lil excited and they had the best time listening to us oooh and ahhh over all the incredible really felt like Christmas morning...just so so good.


i literally had already put the buckle cuff on before we checked out...i wore it around the's my favorite!


i posted this picture on instagram...calling it my '5 minute collection' was seriously 5 minutes once i sat down to play...the cuff was already on, the bead chain bracelet went on next, and the gunmet link bracelet i simply removed 2 links and popped it on.  next, the necklace was just adding charms to the large lobster so easy! all i used was a pair of pliers...and, honestly, a few times i got excited and just used my fingers...


i am by no means good at making jewelry...a true i wanted to start the more detailed playing by trying my hand at the gorgeous necklace Tim showed on his video and blog (go see here!!!) 


here is my simpler took me about a half hour and it was super easy!!  i am in love with so good!


then this one...the details on all the charms are gorgeous!! i did tint the rhinestones with mushroom alcohol ink to soften them...


one of the things i love about this whole collection is how much variety there is...the vintage pieces range from sparkly to more industrial...truly something for everyone!  


so...literally 5 minutes on this one too...this is definitely one that i think is going to be my go-to every day piece...simple with a lil sparkle...mad love.


and here they are...not bad for a first try! i couldn't stop playing...this stuff practically makes itself! i am so excited to play some more and go back and see what other trinkets i can pick up...there are already pieces i wish i had grabbed!!! i can't wait to see what other inspiration is posted on social...i just know there are going to be so many things i will want to try!

thank you for stopping in and sharing in the excitement of this new line...i hope you love it as much as i do!





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I'm amazed! You did such a wonderful job. You are no novice sister! I love all your pieces!

Dolly (scrapthat)

SO awesome! I wish Canada had Joanns so I could just run in and get some too!
You're jewerly is beautiful Chelle! TFS!!!


Love these so much, they're beautiful!!

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